Duffel bag:

Comes from seafaring. The fabric is 100% cotton and very strong and sturdy, perfect for a dog scarf.

Mail bag

Is a linen or cotton sack used to transport letters. Most of the ones I use are from Deutsche Post. It is 100% cotton or a mixture of cotton and linen. This type of fabric is very strong and a little coarser woven.

Old sugar or flour sacks

100% cotton, sometimes great dyed for decoration. Of course, these bright bags often have signs of use in the form of stains and tiny holes, but I think that's what makes the fabric or the story behind it. These fabrics are very soft and cuddly.

Laundry bag from the army

These fabrics are simply a dream:

Laundry bag - as the name suggests, these bags have probably been through a lot of washings. However, what makes them more beautiful for me. Again, we're talking 100% cotton. The fabrics are very soft and cuddly.


Military shirts or jackets (camouflage).

Not hard to guess they come from the Bundeswehr, also here it is 100% cotton, very nice, robust but at the same time soft fabrics.



The "Special Event Collection" does not differ in the main material from the other scarves, BUT the silk makes the subtle difference. I work with a small manufacturer from Germany, who dye the silks incredibly beautiful themselves. From here I get "silk scraps" and conjure up new bandanas for your fur noses.



There are very diverse. Even Spizenbodüre from flea markets or grandma's closet are there. If you have special wishes, please feel free to talk to me, maybe I just have this one wish slumbering in my closet and this is just waiting for implementation.


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